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2017년 브라질 엑스포 국제 전시회 Brasil Expo Center

by ajutour posted Jan 02, 2017


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브라질 상파울루 국제 신발, 스포츠용품 및 가죽용품 박람회 / Women, men and children footwear, bags, sports

goods, leathergoods, garments and fashion accessories, bijouteries, leather, components, 

equipments and technology for the footwear industry. 

2017-01-15 ~


 브라질 패션 및 액세서리 박람회 / Women's and men's collections, jeans, shirts, knitwear, party wear, wovens, 

accessories and

 premium products.

2017-01-15 ~


 브라질 국제 치과학 박람회-치아 절삭용 핸드피스, 치과 기공소용 핸드피스 / 

Products and equipments for odontology

2017-02-01 ~


 브라질 하우스웨어 및 선물용품 박람회 / 가정용품, 공예품, 문구, 사무기기, 선물 및 판촉용품, 포장용품

2017-02-12 ~


 브라질 비또리아 대리석 및 화강석 박람회 / dimensional stones

2017-02-14 ~


 브라질 상파울루 국제 전기, 에너지 및 오토메이션 박람회 / Eq. for generation, transmission and distribution 

of energy, eq.and base inputs for GTD, electrical components, materials for electrical installations, electrical 

instruments nd automation, utilitycompanies, electrical projects, installations and maintenance, banks and entities.


2017-03-07 ~


 브라질 국제 도로, 고속도로 인프라 및 포장공사 기술 /

Equipment and services for the construction, amintenance, repair of management of roads and highways, 

including paving,signage and monitoring, works of art such as tunnels, bridges and viaducts.

2017-03-21 ~


브라질 상파울루 국제 운송 및 무역서비스 박람회 / International Shippers; Service Providers; Maritime Carriers; 

RoadCarriers; Equipment Suppliers; Terminals; Air Carriers; Ports; Railroad Carriers; Others.

2017-04-04 ~


브라지 리오데자네이로 국제 항공우주 & 방위 박람회 / equipment for military operations/aerospace/naval/

communications/ public and corporate security/service providers of simulation, trainng/engineering, 

maintennce and soft development

2017-04-04 ~


 브라질 상파울루 국제 운송 및 무역서비스 박람회 / International Shippers; Service Providers; Maritime 

Carriers; Road Carriers; Equipment Suppliers; Terminals; Air Carriers; Ports; Railroad Carriers; Others.

2017-04-04 ~ 


브라질 상파울루 국제 보안 박람회 및 컨퍼런스 / Access control, alarms, biometrics, cctv, communications 

equipment, detection equipment, fire control, id systems, information/data security monitoring services, 

equipment outdoor perimeter protection, personal protection, security hardware, system integration product.

2017-04-18 ~ 


브라질 상파울루 국제 헤어  / 미용 박람회 / Manufacturers, importers and distributors of products, equipment 

and services for the hair, beauty and esthetics segment.

2017-04-21 ~ 


브라질 상파울루 국제 자동차부품 박람회 / Autoparts – Accessories – Machines – Equipment and Services for: 

Automotive Industry, Dealers, Repair Woorkshops, Service States – Engine Rebuilding –Painting – Welding – 

Tools – Equipment for Diagnosis, Mensuration and Wheel Alignment

2017-04-25 ~ 


브라질 국제 섬유산업 기술 박람회 / Sewing machines, embroiderers, cutting machines, sewing materials, chemical 

industry, serigraphy, labels, packaging, equipment, trimmings, processing, threads, stamping, dyes, industrial 

automation, IT, looms, raw materials

2017-04-25 ~ 


브라질 상파울루 국제 농업기계 박람회 / Agricultural machinery and implements (tractors, combine harvesters, 

warehousing, irrigation and components -tyres, pumps, etc), fertilizers, agricultural pesticides, seeds, animal 

feed and mineral supplements, animal vaccines and veterinary medications, etc

2017-05-01 ~